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Nocturnal Ritual

Passion, dedication and perseverance multiplied by three!
Nocturnal Ritual, a collaborative between brothers Tim Paalhaar, Dave Paalhaar and a mutual friend of theirs Manuel Kuijpers, has arrived and is taking the Hardcore world by storm! This team of talented artists have come together to give the Hardcore world back what it has begun to lack – incredibly powerful and inspiring musical productions and a love for the performing world that just will not quit.
Any long term fan of Hardcore has seen these names before and knows that this group of artists have been around since the early days. All hailing from the East of Holland, these three met through their musical backgrounds – Tim and Dave being the production and performance experts behind the popular DJ team T-Junction & Rudeboy and Manuel being well known DJ, ManUmaX and production company owner who used to book Tim & Dave back at the beginning of their careers.

No stranger to the stage, collectively, Tim, Dave & Manuel have performed at some of the greatest parties that Hardcore has to offer! They’ve driven crowds to the brink of Hardcore ecstasy at parties like Thunderdome, Dominator, Masters of Hardcore, Q-base, Decibel, Deqon1, Syndicate, Bassleader, Fantasy Island and Hardshock and they fully intend on continuing down the Hardcore hall of fame with their brand new crew, ‘Nocturnal Ritual’. These three lovers of the core have always enveloped themselves in the Hardcore genre and have spent a lifetime dedicating themselves to it but came to the conclusion at one point in their career, that they needed to take a break and try something new, the end result of that being the creation of their record label ‘Audiouce’ where they take pride in discovering new and talented artists. It wasn’t long into their new venture, that their production spirits were revived and the Hardcore bug bit them again and had them flying back to the genre in an attempt to bring something new and refreshing to the scene, and they, without question, have achieved exactly that! In 2016, right after the initiating their new concept, they had spoken with a mutual friend, and owner or ‘Kerosin Studio’ , Mick Grunder, a former artist of the record company that T-Junction & Rudeboy used to release on, Masters of Hardcore, and received an invitation to submit a release to Enzyme Records – an ongoing client of Mick’s. They met with label owner Patrick Van Kerckhoven, and the rest is history! Hardcore music fans from around the world may know and admire their past releases on Masters of Hardcore and The Third Movement but rest assured, they have a lot more incredible music to be unleashed onto the world! This is only the beginning for Nocturnal Ritual!