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Once in a while we see Rapture doing collabs with artists. But your new release is different, is this the start of something new?
Good question, yes and no. Although I do enjoy making the collabs of course, this release is more about my own musical wanderlust. Guess you could call it nostalgic too, with bits of PCP, Darkcore and Industrial. I just really enjoyed blending it all together, pushing boundaries.

Could you elaborate on what your goal is with this EP?
Wouldn’t exactly call it a goal, but trying something different. It’s basically me doing my own thing, making the music I like. For that reason, also not very conventional in sounds and structure. But it’s also not designed to be a crowd pleaser.

What can we expect from Rapture in the future?

There are a lot of tracks halfway done or nearly finished, including some very interesting remixes. As some of you might know, I regularly post hints on my FB page about these projects. So keep checking in, a lot to be released this year.

Does Rapture has the ambition to perform on stage?
Yes I do! Although in the past, I have only been releasing music. This year I decided it was time to move forward and started accepting bookings for DJ sets.

Could you tell a little bit about the way you make music? Your sound is really great and very professional.
Thanks for the kind words! But I actually can’t say it’s one thing in particular that makes my sound like this. I’m just very picky in my sound design, most of what you hear in my tracks is what it sounds like from the start. If it’s not working as a concept, it’s not worth building the track. Also, i’m a big fan of my analog gear and used it extensively on this release. Pretty much all the synths are coming from my Korg MS-20, Roland Alpha Juno 2 or modular system.