NZM 86 – Violence by Hardez – Out Now!

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NZM 86 – Violence by Hardez – Out Now!

Hardez is a new name on our Enzyme imprint, but don’t let this fool you! After we just released the fierce style of Moshpitch just a little while ago focussing on the fast side of the spectrum, this guy does exactly the opposite! Slow and dark industrial crunchy tunes with a twist.
We truly are happy with such an amazing variety of styles on the label, as it shows what enzyme has always stood for.

Hardez drops three filthy, crunchy tunes with a  true “f*ck you” attitude!

Get your copy here:

There are tunes for those who were praying for some industrial wreckage, search no more: Hardez will fulfill your desire for that TRUE nasty underground hardcore on Enzyme.

Violence is the slowest tune from this epic 3 track EP and is most definitely not for people looking for a new style kick…
Next up is Instinct, the most “melodic” of the three tunes….UNTILL the break is over. That’s when the kicks take over again…HARD!
And finally the track that leaves nothing for your imagination as the title already hints to what to expect…. a somewhat more paced tune for those who like it industrial and kind of crossbreed’s. “I was all like…miauw, miauw bitch…and he was all like…dead!” . What a great statement.

To round it all up we simply are really proud to add this artist to our roster of insanely varied producers.

We wholeheartedly welcome to our crew: Hardez!

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