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Hardez | Introduction
Could you tell us a bit about yourself? Who is Hardez?
My Name is Jürgen, I was born in Vienna, where I still live. I have been a DJ for approximately 10 years, producing my own music since 2012.
What was it like growing up in Austria enthused by electronic music?
Getting into electronic music was not difficult for me. Since when I was younger, my mom always used to listen to various radio station. I remember one of them being called “Sunshine Live Radio” which broadcasts techno, hard techno and also hardcore non-stop.

During my days in school, my friends listened to a wide range of different music genres. Then, back when YouTube was in it’s early days, I found my way to hardstyle and hardcore. From watching a few videos by Q-Dance including the first Qlimax and Defqon.1. It was pretty exciting growing up encountering so many different styles of music. I think this experience shaped most of my of personal preferences , while also serving as a major influence for the music I create today.
What would you say were your biggest influences that led you to become a producer?
Music has been and always will be a major part of my life, even though I never got into learning to play an instrument. Even as a child I knew that I wanted to do something music related. The first time I metaphorically tasted blood, was when I started to play gigs as a DJ. Which in turn awoke my interest in producing my own music.
Around this time a close friend of mine introduced me to his home studio. Teaching me the basics of Cubase. It did not take long until I purchased Cubase 6 for myself, in order to delve deeper into the realm of making music. Ever since, I would name producers like Tymon, Hidden as well as TOA & Ophidian as my biggest influences.
When you’re producing can you tell us how you execute an industrial tune and are there certain key elements? Does it start with an idea before you hit the studio or do you find the sounds that come out inspire the outcome?
It is different from track to track. Sometimes I design or simply hear sounds, which are then used as a starting point to build my tracks on. But every now and then, I get an idea stuck in my head which leads me to sit around for days, writing stuff into my notebook and then assemble the parts to build the track. “Instinct” for example was such an idea, with the track being based solely on the main part, vocals and melody.
Your tracks are full of surprises and refreshing for the scene in general. We got a lot of positive feedback from fans and professionals alike, how do you feel about that?
I can hardly put it into words… It’s just freaking awesome! 😀 I would have never expected feedback as amazing as that! For a rookie producer like me, the greatest motivation to continue and refine what you are doing is getting positive feedback from people. But first and foremost from professionals who have been in the business for years, who are pretty much the reason why you started producing yourself.
What’s coming up for you for the rest of the year, can you tip us off with any new tracks?
At the moment I am working on a few new projects, some of which have already been finished. 😉
For aspiring producers out there what are your top three tips?
That is a rather tough question to answer, since I see myself as being at the beginning. Regardless of that, I think that the most important aspect is and always will be. Have fun at what you are doing and see it all the way through.
The most valuable advice I can give to anyone would be, to let friends and those around you participate in your productions. Primarily in order to get feedback from, but more importantly, you never know what may come of it. This here seems like the ideal moment to seize the opportunity to thank a few people: Se Shorty of “Retarded Journey” who, after countless previews & listening sessions decided it would be great to share my music with Danny (Rapture) and from there on, everything went really fast. Danny, Andrea and Mick contacted me , and what seemed to be only a few hours later I had the OK for a release. And then again shortly thereafter I was signed on Enzyme Records. Basically: Thank you all!