Skinrush – Restructure EP

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Skinrush – Restructure EP

Skinrush is back with a new release on Enzyme!  This time it also includes two remixes, let’s get down to it.

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Let’s begin with the title track, ‘Restructure’ starts with a lenghty and atmospheric intro. The vocals bring you a clear message about what is wrong with today’s society, before dropping the massive kickdrum in this track. Such a beast, that will surely bring a smile to those on the dancefloor! In the break the guys expand on their message for the listeners, restructure is mandatory. After that, the break turns into a dramatic melody getting you pumped for the main drop. Which it delivers, damn! This track is going to wreck some eardrums!

The second track of this release is a remix of ‘Aftermath of Dreams’ by T-Junction. Yes that’s correct! T-Junction is back in full effect! Skillfully crafted the original into his own unique sound.

And the third and final track is a ‘Aftermath of Dreams’ remix by The Sacrificed. Winners of the recent Skinrush Remix Contest. Their remix is really something else. And of course we hope to see more of them in the future!