Various NEW merchandise items!

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Various NEW merchandise items!

Today we have quite some nice news.

After 20-03-2020 we will release the black printed Enzyme bomber jacket in a small amount. However, we give the followers a chance to pre-order it for two weeks WITH two extra versions that will NOT be available after this date anymore. The GunMetal grey & the Dark navy blue version will ONLY be available during this two week period time frame!

A special note for this item is the possibility to score it at a reduced price even! Customers who have bought ANY bomber of the DJ Ruffneck website before can actually buy this already special item for a VERY nice price during this two week action! How cool of a gesture is that!

On top of this also a double sided Enzyme Scarf is available as of …right now!

Woven truly amazing quality scarf that we like VERY much 🙂