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A name synonymous with the Hardcore movement has risen from the ashes and has been reinvented by its originator hailing from the east of Holland, Tim Paalhaar and long time friend and core enthusiast Manuel Kuijpers. T-Junction is back!

From the early 90’s, Tim found that a passion for House music had been ignited and he started collecting tapes and CD’s from that genre from that moment on. Towards the end of the decade, there was so much of this incredible music, it made him want to share it with the world, so he set out to become a DJ and accomplished great success from day one! Like many artists, just playing the music wasn’t enough for him, he wanted to create it too. So, with his Playstation and a revolutionary video game called ‘Music2000’, he began to create music and realized that this was the life that he wanted.

In the early 2000’s, he began releasing music with Sebastian Hoff’s ‘The Third Movement’ record label and after achieving various successful releases like one of the biggest hits of 2004, “What’s Up With Life” which he co-produced alongside his colleague Osiris featuring MC Syco, he was recruited by Masters Of Hardcore where he would collaborate with heavyweights like Angerfist and Dyprax. He would then go on to perform on the world’s most prestigious Hardcore stages like Thunderdome, MOH, Defqon 1, Mysteryland and many others.

During his journey as T-Junction, he became friends with another Hardcore lover, Manuel Kuijpers who was from the east of Holland just like him. Manuel was also a successful artist named DJ ManUmaX who not only performed, but also had a firm grasp of business behind the scenes. He owned and operated a production company that had booked Tim for various events from the beginning of his career. In 2016, a former label mate of Tim’s introduced them to Patrick Van Kerckhoven, owner of ‘Enzyme Records’ and shortly after, they all embarked on a project that included Tim’s brother Dave Paalhaar called ‘Nocturnal Ritual’. After two successful years, Dave decided that he wanted to concentrate on his family life and made the difficult decision to leave ‘Nocturnal Ritual’ and so, in 2018, that project came to an end.¬†That wouldn’t stop the musical masterminds though.

At the beginning of 2019, Tim & Manuel decided to use their years of expertise and passion for music to join forces and bring T-Junction back to life like a phoenix rising from the ashes! Using Enzyme Records as their platform, T-Junction will be honoring their roots by playing and producing no-boundaries Hardcore Рeverything from Millennium to the newest and freshest sounds. Watch this space, new releases and gigs are lined up and coming soon!